I am Shiva, a software engineer with experience of more than 12 years. Over the period of 12 years, I have learnt a lot about markets being overwhelmed by technology and the change which technology has brought into our day to day life. Other than my IT job, I have worked on many business ideas and every failure has improved me in my next step. As learning is way of life, my each failure has groomed me so much that now I am successfully running my business and helping other business as well to gain success. I help them in their transformation into online business with reach beyond their city state and even country and also train them in new business world which is world of Digital Marketing.

After working as freelancer for many years, I started my Digital Marketing agency under the name of DigiTreaty.com I work with businesses across the world to help them in their Digital Marketing needs.

Digital Marketing, a whole new world of making sellers meet buyers and that too digitally. I am here to help with Digital Selling and make your business reach ne heights. Our goal is customer satisfaction which can be easily measured and not on false promises.

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