Marketing in Facebook Group?

Once I completed my Digital Marketing internship, I found out how it is different from Traditional Marketing. Traditional marketing is where we are pushing ads but those could be seen by our potential customer or could be by someone who can never be our customer. For example we are selling gold ornaments in a place where people have very less income or they have stopped wearing it because of some other reason.

With advancement of technology, other than newspapers, pamphlets we have got digital means as well like TV, Radio, big billboards etc. When we are moving away from traditional marketing these digital means make people confuse about digital marketing. Digital marketing is not only the marketing done through Digital means like TV, Radio etc. instead it is the way of promoting a product as per product’s potential customer. Digital technologies let businesses know the individual first through his various online behaviours, categorize them and then let businesses do marketing as per their product so that they get their valued customers.

In this way ad for female product is presented to females only and male product is shown to males only. Digital solutions like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and so on collect so much of data from our interactions over there and then categorise us on the basis of data analysis. If I like Gillette on twitter then twitter knows that I have liking for male grooming products. They will put me in category where businesses related to male grooming products will start pushing ads to me and I might but products from Philips trimmer as well. This is how we give them the data and then we get corresponding ads and sometimes it is good for us as well.

These digital solutions are there to help all businesses push their ads as per their potential customers blueprint. Businesses should utilise these and target their ads to internet users who could actually buy their products. Unfortunately most of the people get confused and do not utilise the power of internet. In this blog, I would cover one of the common mistakes small businesses do which is advertising in Facebook groups.

Advertising in FB Groups gone wrong..

Nowadays all small businesses tend to push their ads in paid Facebook groups. These ads are just posts in a group but authorised on payment of group fees.

These groups boast of hundreds and thousands of members which makes these groups an attractive destination to advertise. However these FB groups are nowhere different from traditional marketing techniques. These groups contain all kind of users with no age restriction no specific type of customer and you never know their gender, their taste and could be somewhere fake and silent members as well. When you don’t know who is going to see your ad then it is the ad which is using digital means and not actually a digital marketing technique.

Second reason is when you are promoting your product there you just note down the views your post has got, it will not even be a thousand from the group of 1 million. This is because users are not provided each and every group post in their timeline. There could be your potential customer in that group but as the same user did not see your post you have lost it even if the customer is in your next building block.

Facebook group owners are busy in money making. If they are getting paid advertisements they will keep on pushing paid posts. When groups members will scroll their timeline they will saw only latest post and those where interaction is maximum as per the FB algorithm and your post will be seen by few of the members. Facebook group ads are like Facebook posts and they are traditional marketing ways only and not the digital marketing techniques.


Facebook ads are best in class marketing techniques for businesses. They provide customised solutions to let people chose demographics, gender, taste and much more. In case you know more about Facebook ads, I will write the next one soon.

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