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Starting a Business with little but lifetime Investment

When it comes to starting your own business, everyone feels the thrill. It is not only the excitement to be your own boss but also includes the uncertain future. With a lot going into starting it up, a small chunk is always left to face the future and survive till business starts surviving itself. Making business sustainable is big challenge and there are many factors to make it successful. The most important thing is your quality product or service and all other factors come second. With lot of research in choosing the right product or service to sell time now to think of advertising. You can not survive without customers and customers have to be made aware that you are in the market with these products.

Most businesses do advertising but they generally miss the right way to advertise. There are free as well as paid options but when you have put a lot on building your business a right strategy with a mix of free and paid marketing is must to succeed in long run. Detailed marketing plan can be ready by reading very good article 5 Things that you should know to become a successful Digital Marketer.

Traditional Marketing

In India, when someone starts a business, friends and relatives are called in on inauguration of the business. During this inauguration party, friends and relatives buy something to help new business. This idea works only for one day and managing get together also adds cost to the business. However whatever it returns it is very small. Apart from this, printed pamphlets, within newspaper, are distributed locally to make people aware of the new business. There are advertising options in the news paper, local news channel etc. These channels are being used till date across globe to attracts customers.

These are not 100% ineffective but there is no clear way to measure its impact. These are costly as well. Lets see what are the alternate options which are considered as best advertising for small businesses and what are the low cost advertising options.

Is Digital Marketing Free?

As discussed earlier, Traditional marketing is costly and difficult to track its output while Digital Marketing on the other hand is low cost option and few of its options are free as well. It has very good tracking and measuring methods with which you can earn good customers, keep their record and retain them for life. Lets discuss free and paid Digital Marketing Options.


Facebook has more than 2.7 billion users worldwide and whatever you do on it, its reach is quite high. Businesses can create free Facebook Page and starts engaging with potential customers on that page. Keeping customers engaged is the key to win and this can be done by posting about your products, answering user queries and helping customers in their needs. Building relationship is the key and page gives your business an identity online.

This free feature can help you start your online journey and coupled with paid ads you can achieve brand awareness and potential customers.

Google My Business

Google, the biggest search engine in the world, has launched free Google Business to help businesses list on Google My Business Platform. With this you can not only list your business but can also interact with customers. This listing help your business come into customer notice when customer searches for similar products near by.

This is must for every business to succeed in longer run and making people aware about your presence. Google is getting thousands of queries every second and if your business comes on first page then there are high chances that you will register good sales. This first page appearance comes with either SEO optimization or Google Ads. Google Ads and SEO optimization both requires investment and are paid advertising options. Google Ads is very good platform to advertise your business.

Content Marketing

When you are selling a product, creating content around that product is called content marketing. In this type, you can have a free blog or your website where you can create video or audio or blog post for your target customers. It has greatest commercial impact on businesses. This type of marketing has long term benefits and is very slow process. It requires longer time to get ROI and need consistent approach while creating content. Your content needs to be good and optimized in each of the required below aspect.

  • High Quality content
  • Relevant topics for your audience and should revolve around your business
  • Optimized for SEO as it will bring organic results
  • Optimized for readers
  • Consistent content creation & promotion

Email Marketing

Email marketing is like creating database of visitors and target them later with offers and updates on your products or services. This database can be created using lead magnets and other freebies or discount coupons. List of visitors are called leads and nurturing these leads are one the best ways of selling. Various email marketing tools can be used to do lead nurturing and share new products info with leads. This is one of the lowest cost method of digital marketing and provide good returns as well. With various email marketing tools, it is most automated way of digital marketing.

I will cover all these topics in detail in my upcoming blogs.

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